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Should I Rekey my current locks? Should I Change My Locks?

"Changing a lock" is the process of taking out the entire lock including the knob, lever, strike and the latch and replacing the entire unit with an entirely different lock. Rekeying your lock merely involves removing the existing lock cylinder and changing it so that the previous keys won't work in that lock, but your new one will. The majority of the time, if your lock is still in good shape and you feel comfortable with the level of security it provides, you'll only need your lock rekeyed. Press the Rekeying info button to read more.

Can you pick all locks?

There are Residential and Commercial Locks that are pick proof or pick resistant. If you want more information on cost and brand call us.

Do you have a physical location?

We are a mobile locksmith company.  Our business is on site. However, we can accommodate customer who are willing to work with our schedule to get a key copied, lock rekeyed or auto key programmed at our base of operation. 

Can a safe be opened that has a malfunction or lost combination?

Yes. Before you call there are some things you can do. Press safe info to read more.

What does it cost to open my safe?

The price varies because there are so many brands and sizes. Call us, give us a description of your safe and we can usually give you an estimate over the phone.

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