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Rekey residential locks

YES...Most Lock brands allow a way to rekey or change the key without the expense of a new lock or locking system. The deadbolt lock like the one pictured above is the type of lock that you would most likely get rekeyed. 

Rekey Automotive Locks, KM Lock Locksmith
Rekey all types and brands of locks

Other examples of locks that has been rekeyed by KM is this door on a 1938 Chrysler and an ignition on an ATV.

brass s key_edited.jpg
Cabinet lock rekey, KM Lock Locksmith
T handle, KM Lock Locksmith
MailBox Locks, KM Lock Locksmith
Desk Lock, KM Lock Locksmith

So many locks can be rekeyed or set to a different key or set to more than one key and KM Lock knows how. Desk, Cabinet, Mail Box, T handle, Automotive, RV, and more. Call us before you buy new or if you just need a key.

Basic Pin tumbler, KM Lock Locksmith
Basic Lock Opened, KM Lock Locksmith

Basic pin tumbler lock. To open, the bottom pins need to all be level with the black line.

To rekey, the bottom pins are changed to match the depth cuts on a new key.

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